IISER-Kolkata Students

5 Year BS-MS Dual Degree (year: 2006) students

Roll no. Name Department Current position
06MS01 Challenger Mishra Physical Sciences DPhil at University of Oxford
06MS02 Arghya Modak Chemical Sciences PhD at Oxford University
06MS03 Sambit Bikas Pal Physical Sciences PhD at National University of Singapore
06MS04 Ujani Chakraborty Biological Sciences PhD at Cornell University
06MS05 Shubham Dipt Biological Sciences PhD at Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization
06MS06 Abhishek Shukla Mathematical Sciences PhD at University of Warwick
06MS07 Abhishek Dasgupta Physical Sciences DPhil at Oxford University
06MS08 Sayan Choudhury Physical Sciences PhD at Cornell University
06MS09 Aabhaas Vineet Mallik Physical Sciences PhD at Indian Institute of Science
06MS11 Abhinav Kumar Chemical Sciences Master Of Business Administration at FMS, Delhi
06MS12 Abhiket Gaurav Chemical Sciences Junior Analyst at Heymath!, Chennai
06MS13 Anish Mallick Mathematical Sciences PhD at Institute of Mathematical Sciences Chennai
06MS14 Ebad Kamil Physical Sciences PhD at University of Goettingen, Germany
06MS15 Sunil Kumar Chemical Sciences Job at Rajasthan Environmental Pollution Control Board
06MS16 Kapil Dev Mathematical Sciences
06MS17 Ritesh Kumar Chemical Sciences MBA at IIM Indore
06MS18 Gouri Shankar Seal Mathematical Sciences PhD at Northeastern University, Boston
06MS19 Asit Singh Physical Sciences Lecturer of Physics
06MS20 Priyadarshi Ranjan Chemical Sciences PhD at Weizmann Institute of Science
06MS21 Salman Hasan Biological Sciences PhD at Johns Hopkins University
06MS22 Rahul Kumar Mishra Chemical Sciences PhD at Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel
06MS23 Nishant Kumar Mathematical Sciences MBA at DMS, IIT Delhi
06MS24 Nayan Sharma Chemical Sciences MBA at IMT nagpur
06MS25 Anshul Saini Physical Sciences PhD at SUNY Buffalo
06MS26 Bradraj Pandey Physical Sciences PhD at Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
06MS27 Sonu Kumar Chemical Sciences PhD at IISER Kolkata
06MS28 Vipin Kumar Kabra Chemical Sciences Scientist C at BARC, Mumbai
06MS29 Kaushik Kant Panda Biological Sciences Graduate Research Associate at The Ohio State University
06MS30 Alok Kumar Mallik Chemical Sciences Project Manager at IDAX Consulting & Research Group, Bhubaneswar
06MS31 Arijit Haldar Physical Sciences PhD at IISc Physics Department
06MS32 C. Raghu Biological Sciences PhD, Ecology and Evolution of Planktons at Stazione-Zoologica, Italy
06MS33 Debashis Hira Biological Sciences
06MS34 Dharam Raj Kumar Chemical Sciences Job at UOP Honeywell
06MS35 Pankaj Kumar Chemical Sciences
06MS36 Mrinal Chayengia Biological Sciences PhD at Univ of Freibourg, Germany
06MS37 Manish Roshan Aind Chemical Sciences Govt Job
06MS38 Ipsita Satpathy Physical Sciences PhD at University of Goettingen
06MS39 Ashish Goyal Biological Sciences PhD at German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) Heidelberg, Germany