IISER-Kolkata Students

5 Year BS-MS Dual Degree (year: 2008) students

Roll no. Name Department Current position
08MS01 Dibyajyoti Maity Physical Sciences Research Scholar at Indian Institute of Science, India
08MS02 Debsankha Manik Physical Sciences PhD student at Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Germany
08MS04 Kaustuv Patra Chemical Sciences
08MS05 Alok Shaurya Chemical Sciences Research scholar at University of Victoria, Canada
08MS07 Armita Dash Chemical Sciences PhD at University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
08MS09 Khemchand Kumar Dayal Biological Sciences
08MS10 Himanshu Yadav Geological Sciences
08MS11 Khusnud Shahidi Chemical Sciences
08MS12 Nitin Kaushal Physical Sciences
08MS13 Jayprakash Jindal Geological Sciences
08MS14 Prem Chand Kisku Geological Sciences JRF at IISER Kolkata, India
08MS16 Bappa Shona Baroi Biological Sciences
08MS17 Parijat Sarkar Biological Sciences PhD Student at Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad
08MS19 Rishabh Jha Geological Sciences
08MS21 Vikas Agrawal Geological Sciences
08MS22 Arobendo Mondal Chemical Sciences
08MS24 Md Ezaz Hasan Khan Chemical Sciences Graduate Student at University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA
08MS25 T Ajaay Geological Sciences
08MS26 S Nitya Sai Reddy Chemical Sciences Research scholar at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA
08MS28 Swapil Paliwal Chemical Sciences
08MS29 Marreddi Anvesh Geological Sciences
08MS30 Rahul Gairola Chemical Sciences
08MS31 Suraj Ranjan Prasanjit Geological Sciences
08MS32 Vineet Augustine Biological Sciences
08MS33 Gokul PM Physical Sciences
08MS34 Abhranil Das Physical Sciences PhD Student in Physics at University of Texas at Austin, USA
08MS35 Garima Lal Chemical Sciences Graduate Student at University of Calgary, Canada
08MS36 Prakash Bediya Geological Sciences
08MS38 Abhishek Kumar Physical Sciences Graduate Student at University of Florida, Gainesville, USA
08MS40 Amit Kumar Mathematical Sciences
08MS42 Vimal Rathee Physical Sciences
08MS43 Rahul Kumar Geological Sciences
08MS44 Vishwas Srivastava Chemical Sciences Graduate Student at University of Chicago
08MS45 Tulika Sharma Biological Sciences
08MS47 Jitu Doley Geological Sciences
08MS50 Rohit Gupta Chemical Sciences Research Scholar at Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, University of Massachusetts- Amherst, USA
08MS51 Santosh Sundaresan Physical Sciences Young India Fellowship Program at N.A.
08MS52 Pratik Kumar Chemical Sciences PhD student at StonyBrook University
08MS54 Kodi Abhishek Geological Sciences
08MS55 K Anoop Biological Sciences
08MS56 Gyan Prakash Dwivedi Physical Sciences
08MS57 Sourav Sen Physical Sciences
08MS58 Nikhil Kumar Raj Geological Sciences
08MS59 Shampy Mansha Physical Sciences Graduate Student at Nanyang Technological University,Singapore
08MS60 Vineeta Biological Sciences
08MS61 Pallabi Sengupta Biological Sciences